123Forms Create perfect, professional looking web forms in minutes

Create Perfect Web Forms

123Forms helps your business stay ahead of the competition, and save time and money, by letting you create your own online business web forms quickly and easily.

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Order form with immediate calculation of totals, shipping costs, discounts, VAT.

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Contact form. Make it easy for your visitors to ask for more information, request quotes etc.

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Expense report. Travel reimbursement forms can include mileage components and currency conversion calculators. Handle meals and entertainment expenses. Tailor the expense report for your specific business with your accounting codes.

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Survey, e.g. website evaluation

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Local currencies, local number formatting and non-US characters handled flawlessly


Here is why you need 123Forms

>You get perfect, professional looking web forms every time --- in just minutes

>Familiar user-interface. Designing is as easy as creating a spreadsheet. 123Forms is a plug-in to Excel, so all your skills on how to format, color, align, set borders in Excel is used.

>You can even use formulas in Excel. 123Forms will convert these into a web form compatible format so that anyone can access these calculations without needing Excel. Use this for summing up totals, calculating postage fees, validating input and much more. More than 140 Excel-functions are supported.

>Generates a standard W3C HTML version 4 web page. Compatible with all modern web browsers and web servers. Works both on Windows and Linux/Unix. You can use web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Konqueror, Opera and web servers like Microsoft Internet Information Server and Apache.

>123Forms is so easy to use, you can download it and get started right away! Or, even better, you can try it without installing, just send us a spreadsheet and we will return the web form to you.

>It has never been easier to let user fill in forms online. Zero-configuration, no more hard to configure web form solutions. Now with whole page submit, you get an email with the complete filled in web form.

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There are no additional costs; there are no royalties to pay when you distribute the resulting web forms.

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What is a Web Form?
A web form is a plain web page with an HTML-element called <FORM. The user can edit the information in the form elements.

The HTML web page also contains JavaScript code that updates the values and formats the entered data. The execution of JavaScript is complete secure. JavaScript cannot read or write files or any other data on users' computers or on the server.

When the submit-button is pressed, the entered data is sent of to a web server..

Everything you need for designing, creating, and managing web forms
When you buy 123Forms you both get a program that creates general HTML4 compatible web forms, and the necessary services to manage the submitted data.