123Forms Create perfect, professional looking web forms in minutes

Whenever you need a form, create it with 123Forms

One advantage with 123Forms is that it uses are endless. You can use it for many kind of forms: expense report, survey, order forms, reservation forms, employment application, financial advisor, ROI-calculator, engineering. In many cases specialized tools are not needed.

Pure text forms

>Contact forms: A contact form can contain much more than just subject, email and message. By creating a specialized form for your customers, the request you get are more complete and easier to handle. (Click for example.)

>Employment application

>Fault reporting, bug reporting, error reporting


Web forms with calculation

>Order forms, reservation forms: Immediate feedback to the customer with totals and validation that the order is complete and that all necessary items are ordered

>Quote generation: Give the user an immediate quote on the web. The submit button is optional and if the user presses it, your sales people can contact the prospect.

>Education: self-test exercises. Let the user answer questions, and give immediate feedback

Web forms with calculation but maybe without submit button

The submit button is optional. Sometimes you might want to create a form where the user can play with what-if-scenarios.

>Financial advisors: Let the user test and show the financial outcome

>Return-on-investment calculators (ROI): Are you selling a product, why not let the user calculate the financial benefits online?

>Engineering: Help the user with technical calculations online

Financial applications
Mortgage application, car leasing, leasing application, insurance cost, tax calculation, benefits calculation