123Forms Create perfect, professional looking web forms in minutes

Upload web form to your web server and it works!

123Forms generates the form, and then you upload it to your web server. If you want to fine-tune the layout, you can edit the generated web page using tools like Microsoft Frontpage or Dreamweaver.

When the user presses the submit-button, a web server has to receive the request. This web server can either forward the contents as an email to an predefined email address and/or store the data into a database. You can either use our web server, or program it yourself.

If you use our service, no configuration is needed. You are up and running within minutes.

Advanced Service: Complete emails and reports

>You can select between different email formats.

>Data is stored into a database and you get reports by email.

>Get emails that looks just as the web form when the user pressed submit.

>Requires no programming skills and requires no configuration.


>Pricing: $15 monthly or $153 yearly

Free Service: Emails

>Directly after that the user pressed submit, you will get an email with the fields and values of the form

>No data is stored in our database

>Requires no programming skills and requires no configuration.


>Pricing: free. This service is included in the base price of 123Forms

Your Own web server

>123Forms generates a standard web form according to HTML-standards.

>You write your own scripts using CGI, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl. Handling web forms is standard web programming and you will find a lot of samples on the net and in programming books. Requires programming skills.

>Instead of writing your own scripts, there are ready-made solutions out there: Microsoft Frontpage Extensions, formmail.pl, formmail.php. Ask your ISP. Requires no programming, but requires configuration.

>Integrates the web forms into your normal IT-infrastructure. You can store the data into your databases, for example Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL.

Offer: Use Advanced Service for Free
The email part of the advanced service has been released.

Until the database and reports part is released, everyone can use the advanced service for free.

Zero Configuration
Both the free and advanced service requires no configuration. Once you have created the web form, the submit will work.

When you use our advanced or free service, your e-mail address does not appear in your web form.

Did you know that most other form solution place your email address in the web form. These addresses are collected by programs used by spammers.