123Forms Create perfect, professional looking web forms in minutes

Try 123Forms without installing

Do you want to try 123Forms? You do not need to install the software. Simply create a form using Microsoft Excel and email the spreadsheet to support@123forms.com, and we will deliver the web form.

Color or unlock the input cells

123Forms need to know which cells should be editable by the users. Set the background color of these cells or unlock them.

... and email the spreadsheet

Please remove any secrets from the spreadsheet before you send it to us.

Attach the spreadsheet to an email and send it to support@123forms.com. We will email you the generated web form and you can test it directly on your computer.

How to evaluate 123Forms in minutes
Test 123Forms without any cost and with minimal work.

Send us one of your Excel spreadsheets and you will get a web form that looks the same and calculates the same.